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         In order to create dynamic web pages, it is necessary to generate their content by means of applications (scripts), which can be of two types:
  1. Client-side; applications that are completely loaded into the memory of your computer and also ran by it. They will work no matter on which server the page that you are visiting is hosted, but their possibilities are limited; most often, they are used for animations or other visual effects; we are presenting below a few small applications elaborated by us and based on JavaScript:

     Example 1   Example 2 

    Example 3
    (a JavaScript calculator)

  2. Server-side; applications that are ran by the server that hosts the website . These programs, unlike the ones in the first category, can be used for storing in the server's memory informations sent from visitors by means of HTML forms. For this type of applications, we use the PHP language.

        These types of applications can of course be used without being published on the Internet. If you want a certain application, we invite you to contact us, even if you don't need a site.
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